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Achieving 2.5X annual ROI with Ento.


Since 2003, Millennium Services Group has staked their claim as a heavy-hitter in the labour hire industry, providing best in class cleaning, security and integrated services. Originally started as a security services company, Millennium has seen steady growth over the years, and now boasts nearly 5,000 employees across 1,100 sites in Australia and New Zealand.

Like many businesses in 2020, COVID-19 had an impact on the company’s bottom line. The silver lining for Millennium? Being in the business of cleaning and security services meant they were able to turn the pandemic’s impact into a positive one. “For Millennium, we’ve had a boom. At first, we were being asked to clean normal hotels, not the quarantine ones. And as soon as there was news of a case nearby, we were called back, virtually daily, to do deep cleans. This was work outside of contracts and rosters. It was just a bit of a windfall.” David Benjamin, Millennium’s Chief Information Officer, says.

David has spearheaded the company’s adoption of Ento. A project he says has delivered real results for the business. 

Making the switch

Before moving to Ento, Millennium’s rostering, time and attendance and payroll workflows were mostly paper-based and error-prone. When Millennium enlisted Ento’s support in workforce management, they were chasing certain goals:

  • Reduce manual errors with paper-based processes
  • Interpret and apply awards accurately
  • Reduce time theft
  • Update the rostering process for better Head Office visibility


What did things look like before the switch?

“There were situations where a cleaner would take a photo of a paper timesheet, and text it to their manager. The manager would then print out the photo and key it into an Excel spreadsheet and email it to the payroll team. Payroll would then print the spreadsheet and re-key it into the payroll system. That would happen every two weeks for four and a half thousand people”, David shares. The business’ bottom line was taking a hit in other areas too, with some sites experiencing issues with timesheet accuracy, excessive overtime and overservicing clients without much Head Office oversight.

$600,000 in
annual cost


In 2019, Millennium kicked off with Ento’s Core HR, Rostering, Time & Attendance, Pay Rules & Leave features across their larger sites that offer cleaning services. Supported by an Ento Technical Solutions Consultant and Account Manager, David travelled to train employees on the software.

As more sites onboarded with Ento, David managed to upskill another employee to help support Ento training. This helped continue the project’s adoption across the company with some significant improvements.

Money saved
Millennium has saved around $240,000 annually on labour costs, which included the removal of time theft. Using Ento’s time and attendance feature gave managers insights into what was happening across each site, allowing the business to understand and address any issue.

The benefit to the business was two-fold. The process of clocking in and out for employees was also reduced, going from using paper sign-on books to tapping in and out via Ento’s time clock on a tablet during shifts.

Compliance captured
David notes that it’s not just about saving money. Ensuring compliance across award rates and pay rules was a high priority for Millennium too. “This process has educated everyone, including myself, on the modern cleaning award. I had no idea how this award worked 12 months ago. But the fact that we all know the hourly rate now and what each loading does means it’s front of mind across the business.”

Rosters centralised
Since rolling out Ento, Millennium has overhauled its rostering management, offering instant returns for the business.

Ento has given us centralised control, which we’ve never had. That’s where we’ve clawed back the savings. It’s allowed us to adhere to contracted hours. If clients want more work, then it’s a trigger for the ad-hoc or extra billing.”

Through Ento’s rostering dashboard, Millennium can view where they’re overservicing contracts and address the issue immediately – an initiative that has saved the business around $115,000 so far.

Less admin needed
Before the switch to Ento, Millennium’s payroll function was state-based, siloed, and required a lot of manual processing each cycle. Since implementing Ento, Millennium has gone digital with rostering and time and attendance, reducing time spent on administration. And as a result, the business has reduced and redeployed roles in the payroll team. “Sometimes we’d run up to two or three separate pay runs to fix errors. This doesn’t happen anymore. The amount of errors has dropped by around 9%.”

Not only does Ento drive tangible outcomes for Millennium’s bottom line, but it also puts them ahead of the curve when bidding for work with high-profile clients. “Ento goes into every tender. A lot of clients expect it. If you don’t have digital time and attendance, they won’t even talk to you. Clients see the benefit.”

$115,000 saved
on overservicing

A look to the future

Into 2021 Millennium is taking Ento even further. This time across their security services in Australia and New Zealand. 

Change management is an ongoing part of the process David says, noting the culture of independence at the company, a byproduct of business acquisitions along Millennium’s growth journey. He says the business is starting to see promising cultural changes on the ground, “It’s projects like Ento that start to change that thinking. It also becomes an enabler”.

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