Perfect schedules
grow businesses

Demand driven scheduling removes uncertainty from your schedules

Leverage your data & our AI to forecast demand, create perfect shift ratios & optimise your labour mix ensuring you always have your best staff on the job

Increase revenue

Never miss another sale.
Make sure you have enough staff to keep up with demand

Reduce labour costs

Eliminate over-scheduling & unnecessary overtime cost blow outs

Ensure compliance

We make adhering to complex awards & industry laws a breeze


First, we forecast demand

Poor scheduling starts with gut instinct

We combine your demand data with a bespoke forecast algorithm tuned to reduce over & under scheduling.

Then we calculate headcount need

15 minute accuracy for every role under the roof
Our headcount algorithm runs your demand forecast through headcount rules and ratios to give you a comprehensive picture of when and where you need staff. Uniquely, we also give you the insight into why.

To create the perfect shift pattern

Now things are starting to look like a roster!

Our AI will combine headcount needs with shift rules, legislation and unique, human-like touches such as bias towards consistent work patterns and start times.

Filled with the perfect people

Fully utilise your staff, not just the manager's favourites

Now that you have perfect shifts, we help you assign the right people in the right place at the right time removing compliance risk and reducing cost.

You now have the perfect schedule.

Discover all features

Shifts added in seconds. Complex costing rules calculated in real-time. 

Staff-managed timesheets, bulk approvals, sync with over 20 leading payroll providers.

Interpret the most complicated awards & agreements, changes instantly recalculated.

Instant communication tools, allow staff to manage their details, swap shifts & more.

Automated employee onboarding gives new hires an outstanding first impression.

See the difference a perfect schedule will make to your business

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