Beautiful paperless

Save time, money and resources with a smart, innovative HR solution that puts your people first.

Digital onboarding and workflows for employee-centric organisations

Engage new hires, unburden payroll and empower HR with an employee-focused onboarding solution.

Immediate ROI

Reduce labour costs and lighten the load for your HR and payroll teams.

Cross-team alignment

Monitor the progress of new hires and seamlessly sync with payroll, keeping teams up to date from one dashboard.

Strong first impressions

Kickstart the employee experience before their first day with a fully-branded, customisable onboarding workflow.

Save time on admin

With digital contract & policy signing

Digital contracts save time, reduce errors and eliminate issues with lost documents. Digital signatures allow your new hires to quickly and painlessly sign all contracts and policies.

Powerful analytics at your fingertips

Utilise tasks, notifications & approvals across teams
Live dashboards let you stay on top of hiring health, onboarding speed, fill rates and more.

Impress new hires with fast onboarding

Perfect flows and processes for your business
Fully customisable onboarding flows maintain the balance between flexibility and process compliance – while automating all tasks and approvals.

Onboarding from any device, at any time

With brandable mobile-first new hire portal
New hires can complete every onboarding step from anywhere, on mobile, tablet or PC.

Discover all features

Shifts added in seconds. Complex costing rules calculated in real-time. 

Staff-managed timesheets, bulk approvals, sync with over 20 leading payroll providers.

Interpret the most complicated awards & agreements, changes instantly recalculated.

Instant communication tools, allow staff to manage their details, swap shifts & more.

Automated employee onboarding gives new hires an outstanding first impression.

See the difference a perfect schedule will make to your business

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