Spend less time
scheduling staff

Ensuring you have the right staff in the right place has never been easier. Save your team hours a week with our intuitive scheduling tool.

Reduce time spent on scheduling by up to 85%

Have the choice to create schedules from scratch or a template. Simply drag-and-drop shifts around and let Ento figure out if it fits your budgets and staffing needs.

Secure &reliable

Military grade encryption & 99.9%+ up time

100% cloud

You’re always on the most up to date software

Intuitive design

Powerful enterprise software that’s easy to use

Manage costs with daily budgets

Stop overspending on labour by setting a budget for the entire schedule, each day or each hour. Get alerted instantly when a shift puts you over budget and use different views to work out where you can trim it down.

Clash-free scheduling

Schedule staff across multiple locations with zero risk of shift clashes or overtime. The labour cost will be correctly attributed to the location they’re working at and everyone will be able to see where they are.

Fill shifts without making a call

Someone didn’t show up or you’re busier than you expected? Use the fill-in finder to blast out an SMS or email to staff who aren’t already working – then sit back and wait for replies to come in. You can assign the shift to the person of your choice in a couple of clicks.

Schedule on-call shifts seamlessly

Do you use a rotating on-call schedule to cover requirements outside of trading hours? Add these shifts to your normal schedule and have special costing rules applied. Even better, call out shifts are automatically created if someone on call clocks in.

Discover all features

Shifts added in seconds. Complex costing rules calculated in real-time. 

Staff-managed timesheets, bulk approvals, sync with over 20 leading payroll providers.

Interpret the most complicated awards & agreements, changes instantly recalculated.

Instant communication tools, allow staff to manage their details, swap shifts & more.

Automated employee onboarding gives new hires an outstanding first impression.

See the difference a perfect schedule will make to your business

Book a demonstration to see how we build the best schedules in the business.