Capture precise
time & attendance

With staff-managed timesheeting, bulk approvals and the ability to sync with over 20 leading payroll providers, dealing with timesheets has never been easier.

Check and approve timesheets in seconds

All recorded clock in/out timesheeting combinations are sent to a queue for your approval. Differences between ‘scheduled’ and ‘recorded’ are highlighted, and edits can be made before they are ‘authorised’ for payroll.

Secure &reliable

Military grade encryption & 99.9%+ up time

100% cloud

You’re always on the most up to date software

Intuitive design

Powerful enterprise software that’s easy to use

Next generation time clock

Our time clock can run on any computer or tablet, keeping hardware costs down. With accuracy of 99%, and less than 2 seconds to complete, our facial recognition feature is the best way to clock in.

No headquarters?
Try GPS-tagged clock-ins

Are you running a security, catering or other type of business without an HQ?  Staff can clock in and out of the timesheeting system using their smart phone. The staff’s GPS location will be attached to each clock in and out so you can validate they were on-site.

An easy app for your staff's timesheets

Let your team control their timesheet entries after their shifts are complete, from anywhere. They’ll have access to their timesheet records via the app and their records will remain editable until you’ve approved them.

Smart clock rounding saves you time

No one clocks in and out on the dot, which is why the system intelligently rounds clock-ins up and clock-outs down. As long as your staff are in at least a few seconds before and after their shift, everything will line up automatically in the timesheeting system.

Discover all features

Shifts added in seconds. Complex costing rules calculated in real-time. 

Staff-managed timesheets, bulk approvals, sync with over 20 leading payroll providers.

Interpret the most complicated awards & agreements, changes instantly recalculated.

Instant communication tools, allow staff to manage their details, swap shifts & more.

Automated employee onboarding gives new hires an outstanding first impression.

See the difference a perfect schedule will make to your business

Book a demonstration to see how we build the best schedules in the business.