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Partnering with us

In partnering with Ento, we offer a range of flexible options from reselling our offering to clients, through to full white labelling of our platform under your brand.   


Want a simple way to benefit from telling others about Ento? Being an advocate is an easy way for anyone to partner with Ento and earn monthly income without any support or setup commitments. All you need to do is refer the client to Ento, and we’ll do the rest!


Have customers that need workforce management software? Grow your revenue by selling Ento licensing and ongoing support. You’ll also get access to Ento sales and technical resources to make sure you’re fully supported and our mutual customers always get a great experience!

Technology Alliance

Need to eliminate manual data entry from your processes – or your customers? Ento will create a custom integration so our data flows beautifully between your software and Ento. You can shape our product roadmap with priority access and input into our developments.

Platform Whitelabel

Want to offer workforce management software to your clients without having to invest in years of R&D? Our platform Whitelabel lets you completely rebrand Ento so clients see it as part of your offering. We’ll train you so you can build a range of revenue streams around WFM.

Highlights on partnering with Ento

Frequently Asked Questions

What partnership is right for me?

That depends on your business. Once we understand the services you offer, industries you target, and how this partnership will help your business, we can make a commercial decision on what is best for you.

What training and support do I receive?

Initially we’ll give you training on the product which will include capabilities (and limitations), key selling points, how to run an implementation, and standard support questions. On top this, you’ll receive our monthly partner update + be part of the Ento buddy program so someone is always on hand for rapid sales and technical support

What resources are provided to assist me in selling this product?

This depends on the level of training you receive and what type of partner you are- though you’ll never be left wanting. Best off to have a chat with us to make sure you feel well equipped to continue the discussion with your clients.

Do I need to register an opportunity?

Yes, we need to register you as the partner for all opportunities to make sure you can claim your commission! The easiest way is for customers to follow your custom Ento link and start a trial or request a demo. If this hasn’t happened, then have a chat with your partner manager, or register it through the partner portal.

How long does it take to get approved?

Advocates can start using their tracking links as soon as we’ve reviewed your application and sent you our terms & conditions for counter signature (typically 48 hours). Experts need to go through training and testing which can take a couple of days to learn, a couple of days to organise then a couple of hours to conduct. Technology Alliance and Platform Whitelabel will depend on the nature of integration and training involved- since this varies best to contact us and we can provide an estimate.

As a partner, will I have access to my client's account?

This is up to your client. We only provide account owners with access to their Ento account. Account owners are responsible for setting up additional users and their permission level.

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